photo of craigs hut
photo of craigs hut
Located at Clear Hills, east of Mt Stirling. It is on the Stirling Buller map at 585929.

Craigs Hut Version 3 was burnt down by wild fire on 11 December 2006.

Photo: Steve Schmezle, 2006


Craigs Hut is in the Alpine National Park in Victoria, and was built especially for the film The Man from Snowy River in 1981.It was called Craigs after the lead actor, Jim Craig (played by Tom Burlinson) and re-used in the sequel. Apart from the horses, the other star of the films is Sigrid Thornton who plays the bosses daughter, Jessica. Jack Thompson and Kirk Douglas also starred.

Between the two films, it was also used for a third Cool Change.

The picture above is of the actual hut used for the film, now replaced with a more robust version, as it became so popular for visitors.

The original was a set only and had no floor. This third version is the one burnt in December 2006. It was again rebuilt in 2007, and this hut is still standing.


Horizantal slabs, with bark over iron roof. The original hut was a "prop" only.

Caretakers - John Coffey and the Mansfield 4WD Club.


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