photo of ropers hut

Located on The Big River Track, at Duane Spur. On the Bogong High Plains map at GR294260. Burnt in the 2003 fires, but there is a strong case to re-build it. There is a second, smaller hut nearby.


Photo: Gary Duncan, 1988



Ropers hut as it used to be, courtesy of John Mitchell, 1972

photo of ropers hut in nineteen seventy two

This hut was built by Jack Roper on 1 February 1939 on his new lease after his old run had been acquired by the SEC. Jack was the son of Fred Junior and was born in 1900 and passed away in 1958.

His grandfather Frederick Roper had grazed the high plains without a licence from about 1890 to 1908, but died in 1904.

This hut replaced both the old Duane Hut and the Falls Ck Hut, both destroyed in the 1939 fires. It has been a very popular refuge for skiers and walkers. Much work was done on the hut by the Freemasons Task Force in 2002, before it burnt down.

The other Roper huts were at Rocky Valley and another on Mountain Creek, but both have been demolished.


Built over a snow gum frame, because woollybutt rotted in the ground. Wal Ryder carried in the iron on a pack horse. Gabled roof over iron walls.

Caretakers - NE Freemasons Taskforce.


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A shed near to Ropers Hut, courtesy of David Sisson, 2000

photo of ropers hut shed