Located beside the Dinner Plain Road, about 1 Km from the DP Village on the northern side. 

A GPS Position is available. GR210027 on the Dargo Plains - Cobungra map.

Brief History

The CRB stands for Country Roads Board. The hut was built in 1923 to house workers from the CRB. It was presumed burnt during the 1939 fires and replaced, but this hut has inscriptions inside, that indicate it is the original.

Originally it was used to house the workers who cleared the snow from the access trail to Omeo.

The 690 acres of the actual selection on which this, and the new village sit, was held by the Rundle family. Due to road re-alignment, it is possible that this hut has always stood on Crown Land.


Steep gabled corrugated iron roof over sawn timber frame. Two windows and wooden floor. Some grotty carpet still covers the floor.

Caretakers - None known.


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Profile last updated 15 January 2004.