Located on the Wabonga Plateau to the north of Mt Cobbler, at GR 503135.

Also known as Bullocks Hut.


This hut is on a small piece of freehold land called the Wabonga Block. It is the second shelter built here, as a ruin is also visible on the Eastern boundary of the block at GR516 131 (a fair distance away). The ruin was the original Bullocks Hut on this site, not to be confused with the Bullocks Hut near Thredbo.

The hut is owned by Frank Ryan who lives in Cheshunt (near Whitfield).

It was originally built by the leaseholder after the second world war, a returned serviceman who had been a POW in Changi Camp. He was unsuccessful working the property as his body never recovered from the treatment there.

Bullocks is the name of the other building mentioned, the home of a family of 'sheep-duffers' and trappers in the twenties. There used to be signs of the household midden and some fruit trees. When this 'house' was in use, the verandah was covered in skins nailed up for drying.


This hut is two story and is presumed to have been built by the owners of the block as a residence, as there is a flower garden visible, but overgrown, outside.


  • Roger Martin - pers comm
  • David Sisson - pers comm 03.

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