photo of ryan's spur hut

Located virtually in the middle of the road. Looking at the map VicMap Matlock (8122-41), sure enough there was a little black square at 55H 424153, 5849324. Note: Magellan Mapsend disk has this hut as being near 430192 5936259 on Upper Ryan Creek, some 86km away.


Photo: Ron Dickson, 2004



The hut is in good condition, and virtually free of rubbish as it is all in a very old bulldozed pit just near the hut. This is a single room hut, bunks at one end, sink and bench at the other. The outside is made of vertical timber planks, no internal lining. Some floorboards need replacing. We have no idea why tarpaulin hanging off roof beams at one end. Roof is of corrugated iron with no guttering. The hut is set on some rather large logs lying on the ground, which may suggest it was a timber cutters hut.

Caretakers - none.

Profile last updated 30 May 2004.