photo of walkers enjoying lunch outside ryders hut

Located at Campbell's Yards, Bogong High Plains. On map "Cope" GR232123. Walk about 4.5Km from the Cope Hut turnoff, from the Bogong High Plains Road.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2002



The yards were named after John and Henry Campbell of Ensay Station, who ran sheep from there, from 1879 to 1883.

The cattle yards were not built until 1923 by Wally Ryder, and he also built the new huts here about 1973. There are four huts in total, with two locked.

More recent visitors have reported all these huts are open and anything of value has been removed.


The smallest hut is usually locked feed store with a skillion roof. The main hut shown, has a veranda and is always open. It has a bricklined chimney with a very prominent aspect. The sleeping hut is the one nearby and the fourth hut is to the south, and is locked. It has a store room and a pit toilet, but the pit was concreted over by Parks Victoria some time before 2017.

Caretakers - Harry Ryder, Ryder Family


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