photo of seldom seen hut

Located at the junction of Mount Baldhead Road and Jones Road, and shown on the Brookville Ensay map at GR444602. (not to be confused with Wallace's Hut, also sometimes known as "Seldom Seen Hut".

Photo: Ron and Shirl Dickson, 2003


This hut was built for workers at the nearby sawmill, that was down in the gully, opposite the junction of Jones Road where it was "seldom seen". Timber from the mill was winched up the hill to this road junction and then trucked out.

The map shows a second hut across the road from this one, but it is long gone.


Weatherboard and iron walls over a sawn timber frame. Wooden floor and externally framed chimney. Skillion roof of iron.


  • Idlers 4WD Club - pers comm.

Caretakers - none known.

Profile last updated 29 September 2003.