Located just off the the Corryong Benambra Road near Mussurie Hut site. 

On the Bairnsdale-Swifts Ck map at GR651342.

Also known as Murray's Homestead.


Originally this was on the site of the Wheel of Fortune gold mine, and held the residence for John Arnold from 1899. Sydney Wagstaff took over the claim from 1906.

The hut was built for L.T. Murray in May 1948 on a Permissive Occupancy. The builder was John Knight, who used timber from Seymour's Omeo Sawmill.

"Gellignite Jack" Murray, famous for his role in the Redex Car Trials, used the hut and built the tennis court nearby.

Murray sold it to RJ Lee of the Star Hotel in Johnsonville in 1957. Eric Turner shifted another hut here in 1957, but it has since been moved.


The remants of two complete dwellings are very visible here.

Caretakers - Parks Victoria


  • Butler Pp290 - 291.
  • Various DCNR letters.

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