photo of sharps hut

Located at Racecourse Plain, Off the Great Alpine Road at Sharpe's Hill. On the Dargo Plains-Cobungra map at GR303960 and altitude 1220m. The hut is on private land, being Cobungra Station, about 1500m from the Mt Hotham turnoff, a dirt road leads off to the right. Walk to the west of the dam. Ask for permission to enter.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003



This hut replaced another which was burnt down in 1939 fires and which was 5m to the west of this site. Chimney stones remain. The plain was used for horse racing in the late 1800s.

Originally built as the first home of the Sharpe family in 1920. Andy Sharpe was a mine inspector and his sons ran cattle. There is a memorial beside the access track to Ernie Richards who lost his life in the 1939 fire after saving Horsehair hut.


Built solidly in two sections, the first prefabricated. Vertical palings, gable iron roof and lining!

Caretakers - Cobungra Station


  • Hueneke Pp123, 243.
  • Magnussen Pp67 - 68.

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