photo of spargos hut

Located at Golden Point near Mt Hotham. Shows on the Bogong High Plains map and on "Feathertop" 1:25000 GR 144069. Access is a walk from Mt Loch carpark. At pole 60 turn right. At Pole 84, where the track starts to descend to the Derrick Hut, leave the track and head south over a small hill. Go over the next saddle and down the steep hill to the plain in a SE direction to find the hut. There is no track. You can also get there by climbing a steep slope above Silver Brumby Hut. It is just visible from the Great Alpine Road.

Photo: Alan Levy


Bill Spargo, after whom the hut is named, was the creator of the Mt Hotham Ski Resort, being a great enthusiast for the sport. It was built after the destruction of the Hotham Heights Chalet by the 1939 bushfire. Bill was one of life's great characters and was handyman at the Chalet. He built Spargos hut himself about 1932.

During the bushfire, Bill diverted the creek above the hut, through it and saved him and the building. The hut is still owned partly by the Spargo family and is formally listed with Heritage Victoria.

In 1953, Bill Spargo offered to sell the hut to the Wangaratta Ski Club for £350, but the club declined, believing that the price was too high.


The hut has a timber frame and iron walls and roof. The chimney has an external timber frame and the fireplace is lined with stone. The hut is well catered for in terms of furniture. There is a store and entrance way are at the western end. The floor is dirt.

Caretakers - Spargo Family.


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