photo of spring saddle hut

Located at the Springs Saddle, on the Fainter Fire Trail. On the "Fainter" map at GR174271 at elevation 1200m. It is 17m from the Pretty Valley pondage and 5km from Bogong Jacks Hut. This hut burnt down in the 2003 fires.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1994



There have been three huts on this site, due to its key location for cattlemen. The first was built of woollybutt logs prior to 1900 by the Ryder family.

The second was also built of woollybutt logs and a shingle roof in 1914 by Arther Higginson, but was also burnt in a fire in 1926.

This one, the third, was an SEC shleter and was trucked to the site in 1965 by Billy Hicks. It was burnt in 2003.


The hut was of weatherboard construction with a gable iron roof. It had a potbelly stove, bench and bunk.

Caretaker - None known.


  • Hueneke Pp243
  • Magnussen Pp 144 - 1145
  • Butler Pp300 - 302.

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