photo of stirlings hut

Located at Mt Stirling, facing North East. On the Buller Stirling map at GR555910.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1992


photo of stirling hut in nineteen seventy two


Photo: John Mitchell, 1972

People are Tim McCartney-Snape and Mark Jolly.

The original hut (see photo) was built in 1965 for the Geelong Grammar School at Timbertop and their students.

Resort people installed a two seater toilet in 1985. In 1986, Ian Stapleton used an army of students to upgrade the hut and clean it out. It is now actively used by Grammar students to support bushwalking and cross-country skiing, but is open to others.


Now contains about five rooms, despite appearing small on the outside. An iron hut with insulation.


  • Hueneke P95, 237.