photo of stirling mystery mountain hut

Located on the west side of Mt Stirling, in a small clearing at an elevation of 1680 metres, and can be a little hard to find. It is on the tree line, just south of a small creek. Confirmed location is GR553 904. To get there, follow the jeep track from Howqua Gap towards the summit. About 200m before the track turn sharply to the east, it crosses a small creek. Follow this creek upstream for a short distance to find the hut near the tree line.

Also known as The Victorian Tramping Club Hut, Stirling Mountain Hut and Mansfield Cross Country Ski Hut.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1992




Built on the 18th and 19th of June, 1966 by John Brown, Val Jones, Bob Deames, Jim Dent, Rod Mattingley and Frank Sherman, it was designed to sleep three people only.

It measures 2.9m by 1.7m wide and only 1.75m high.


It has a frame of sawn timber and roof and walls of iron, plus a door and window, but no fireplace.

Caretakers - VTC.


  • David Sisson - pers comm.
  • Hueneke Pp88 -89.

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