photo of surveyors creek DSE camp

Located off the Moroka road noryh of Heyfield.

Photo: Ian Carlton, 2004.


Brief History

This is a camp built and run for DSE, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.

KHA's current Huts Maintenance officer 2003-14 was based here on the 'Hot Shots' bushfire fighting team during the 'Ash Wednesday' bushfire season 1982-3 staffed by young university students. He replaced many of the broken sleeping hut windows glass and helped construct a small 'fly lock' room on the end of the dining hall. The hot showers were heated by an old 'donkey oven' which had to be fuelled up at 5:00am in the morning for the chap serving as weekly cooks helper. A dam further up the hill supplied water pumped by a hand cranked single cylinder gasoline engine which had to be started by the same helper. Much fun was had by all whilst working at the camp.

A series of fires on nearby Mount Tamboritha saw a large contingent of firefighters camp here for a few days and the kitchen with the huge cast iron combustion double stove churned out over 400 meals breakfast and dinner.

Construction - Fibro over hardwood framing.

Caretakers - Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Profile last updated 22 April 2014.