photo of tom groggins hut

Located at the foot of the Davies Plain track, at Tom Groggin, right on the NSW border. Appears on the Jacobs Creek map. GR009555.

 Also known as Doggers Hut or Tom Groggin's Hut

Photo: Olaf Moon

Brief History

The original hut was a gabled, pole framed slab hut, clearly built for grazing, as yards were built immediately adjacent.

This hut was built in 1964 by the Lands Department for the dog man, who worked in the area trapping feral dogs.


A pole frame hut over a concrete floor. The wall frames are hardwood rails, and the cladding is corrugated iron. The chimney is made of rivetted steel (compare with Stokes in KNP).

Caretakers - Employees from Tom Groggin Station


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