photo of tomahawk hut
photo of tomahawk hut

Located at Tomahawk Gap, near the junction of Carters Road and No 3 Track. Shown on the Vicmap Buller-North at GR476004. Re-opened 2008.

Photo: Jacky Hunt



photo of tomahawk hut

Original hut. Photos: Ron Dickson, 2004

Built by Eric Sale for the Forest Commission about 1963, to support workers building logging roads in the region. Now very popular with visitors.

The area was clear felled in 2002, and is in a state of regeneration.

The plaque on the hut was placed in mid 2004, as shown below. The hut received full restoration with funds from DSE in 2008 and work was undertaken by VHCHA members.


A classic hut, built from logs with an iron roof, bent down at the edges. Has a fireplace and scraps of carpet on the floor. The chimney desperately needs attention.

Caretakers - None


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  • photo of tomahawk plaquephoto of tomahawk hut chimney