photo of top crossing hut

Located at the Buckland Spur, King River, about 10Km above Lake William Hovell. On the Lake William Hovell map at GR480070

Photo: Rooftop Maps,


Built by the Crown Lands Department of Victoria in 1957, by employees Frank and Snow Burrows, with assistance from Nifty MacDonald and Ken Bustle.

Four pack horses were used to cart the materials. When built, the employees used it to carry out their duties such as wombat or dog trapping.

A mining track is close by, built in 1897 to aid access to the nearest railway from the Buckland Valley gold fields.


Built around a pole frame with battens and no lining. Externally framed chimney and iron roof and walls.

Caretakers - Wangaratta 4WD Club


  • Hueneke Pp 245
  • Butler Pp318 - 320

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