photo of treasures huts

Located at Bullock Head Saddle, Dargo High Plains. On the Crooked River-Steve map at GR186694, elevation 1310m. About 200m along a feint track opposite the southern end of the cattle yards at Bullock Head Saddle.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003



There are three huts on the site, situated within State Forest. The hut was built in 1939 by Harry Treasure. The second weatherboard hut was built for Freda Treasure as her bedroom in about 1945 and is of split palings.

The third hut was built in the 1960s of weatherboards, and is rather larger than the first two.

The hut were not burnt during the 2003 fires, due to a containment line nearby.


Chock log for the oldest. Shiplapped weatherboards for the others.

Caretakers - The Treasure family.


  • Hueneke Pp 108, 245
  • Magnussen Pp177 -178
  • Butler Pp321 - 327

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