photo of turntable hut

Located on Engineers Road, near the junction of Baldhead Bruthen Road and Turntable Track. Shown on map Brookville-Ensay 1:25,000 8423-S (GR556591) AMG Zone 55: 555597, 5858952.

Photos: Ron Dickson, 2003

photo of turntable huts group

Also known as Baldhead Logging Huts


Built by the Forests Commission of Victoria in 1949 to house the team of men building Engineers Road. The group was headed by chief engineer, Ian Noble. Originally there were five huts arranged from North to South plus a dining hut and shower hut with a skillion roof.

Few people visit, so they are well protected. They have local heritage significance.


Sawn weatherboard over hardwood studs with iron gable roofs. Some cement sheeting was used.

One main hut and five others. Unusual for the extensive plumbing in the main hut. The size is 2.52m x 3.85m.

Caretakers - none.


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