Located on the Davies Plain Track, about 20Km south of the NSW border. 

Contrary to some reports, this hut was NOT burnt down in the 2003 fires.

Photo: Olaf Moon

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Brief History

The hut was originally built by the Gibson family for cattlemen's use in 1939, but the last cattle were grazed here in 1956. John Gibson was the first leasee and took up the lease in 1892 on Block A5.

The hut was substantially rebuilt in about 1995 and is a very popular spot for 4WD visitors coming across the Snowy or Murray from ACT and NSW, but is a very long drive from Melbourne!

There is excellent camping around the hut.


Constructed of Woollybutt logs, with a steep gable tin roof and weatherboards. Has a dirt floor, with a large fireplace at the end. A more recent wood store is at the end.

Caretakers - A 4WD Club


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Profile last updated 15 March 2005