photo of wallers hut

Located at the junction of Friday Spur Track and Storer Track just up from a ford across the Wentworth River. The main hut is shown on the Crooked River Steve map at GR346498 and the second smaller hut at GR348501 (photo shown below).

Photos: Ron Dickson, 2003


Also known as Owen Waller Hut

photo of second waller hut


Owen Waller was introduced to the area by his friend Bluey Ellis the shire dog trapper in about 1968.

Owen noted that the area held a good number of "Wild" cattle and thought there was an opportunity to remove and sell them over a period of time as well as grazing his own cattle. He took over what was known then as a crown cattle lease over a large area including that surrounding the hut.

At about this time my father Bob Carruthers started bringing us up to the "Wentworth", accommodation at this stage was under canvas and after spending a couple of bitterly cold winters with snow on Morris Peak my father suggested to Owen that we build a more permanent structure that might last a few years.

When we got back to Melbourne my father drew up some plans and began construction of the hut on our garage floor at home, the frame is all second hand oregan (many a night & day spent pulling nails), the floor is our old garage door from home, the second hand iron came from Treasure's abandoned mine up Teapot Ceerk, and all other timber etc was second hand sourced from far and wide.

The hut was then transported and assembled over a 12-18 month period in 1969 and 1970 with assistance of members of the Carruthers and Waller family. The track in those days was something to behold and getting out was always a lottery. The hut lasted well beyond our expectations largely due to the fact that we have never locked it, and a number of people have continued to maintain and look after it over the years.

We have always kept a visitors book in the hut with an incredible amount of people from all corners of the world visiting over thirty something years. I am fortunate enough to be able to take my own family to the Wentworth and hope this will continue for many years.

Notes provied by Gary Carruthers, December 2003.

The huts today, are obviously well used and maintained, containing all creature comforts including cooking utensils!


Sawn timber structural work, with wooden floor and iron walls. Corrugated iron skillion roof. Brick fireplace and iron chimney.

Caretakers - there are some but whom?


  • Ron Dickson - pers comm
  • Gary Carruthers - pers comm

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