photo of west kiewa hut

Located at West Kiewa Logging Road, Snake Valley. On the Bogong High Plains Map at GR154132.

This hut was burnt down in the 2003 bushfires.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993


Also known as Briggs Logging Camp huts or West Kiewa Logging Camp Huts.


Originally there were three huts on this site, two built about 1965, with the first removed in 1991.

The Rutherglen Timber Company applied for a license to log the area in 1959, but this was taken over by the Adinsall family company, Mount Beauty Timbers in 1961. This hut supported a logging camp, because of the long distance to take logs to Tawonga.

The hut is currently on a Ron Briggs grazing lease. He erected the veranda on the building, with permission, in 1993. Ranger Ron Riley also improved the hut in the late 1990s.


Built from two huts over sawn timber frames with an iron clad skillion roof. There is also a toilet, yards and log bridge nearby.


  • Butler Pp340 - 342.

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