photo of wilkinsons lodge

Located at Wallace Gap on the Alpine Walking Track. On the Bogong map at GR274161.

Note, the hut was burnt down on 17 January 2004 - The Border Mail covered the details on the following Monday.

Photo: Alan Levy, 2001

Also known as the Wilkinson Lodge, Main Station Hut, SEC Cottage or Trimble's Cottage.

photo of wilkinsons hut

Brief History

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993

This hut was built for the SEC in 1932 in preparation for the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. It was to accommodate the snow research program manager, who was the resident engineer for the scheme. As such it was a permanent residence.

It was designed by WE Gower and built by Joe Holston and C Jassund. The hut was occupied by various engineers including Stan Trimble, who was resident in 1946 when the hut was completely covered. It took a group of scouts five days to dig the party out and the hut was bent and leaning as a result.

The hut was sold to the Victorian Alpine Club in 1946 and renamed Wilkinson Lodge. Twelve years later it was sold to the Melbourne Bushwalkers Club. It was extended and modified in the 1980s and some space made available, unlocked, for refuge.


The hut is a typical gabled corrugated roof and crimped steel cladding for the walls. A skillion was added to the west side, and it is lined with fibro. The rest is lined with caneite.

Caretakers - Melbourne Bushwalkers Club.


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