photo of windfall hut ruins site

Located at a clearing just off the Eustace Gap Track, Gibbo River. Located on the Benambra Leinster map at GR680490.

Photo: Olaf Moon, Sept


The history is uncertain, as most claim this hut was built about 1972 by the DCNR, but other say it is a CRB hut. If the former, it could have been used as a refuge or for logging. There is, in fact a small hut just up the main road, which was burnt during the 2003 fires, that appears to be more related to the CRB style.

The hut was burnt down prior to 1996, by a camper who left a fire un-attended in the fireplace, with no guard in front of it. This was confirmed by local police from Corryong at the time.


Clad in sawn horizantal weatherboards, with a corrugated iron roof and fibre cement gables. The walls are shiplapped and the hut is quite small at 2.46m x 3.81m. The flooring is pine. There were two windows and a drum to collect water. Furniture includes a stretcher, chair, table and rocker.

Caretaker - None known.


  • Butler Pp354 - 355.
  • Herbie Hodge - pers comm.

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