Photo of Wire plain hut

Located at Northern side of The Great Alpine Road, Wire Plain.

On the "Feathertop" map at GR156052.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003


Wire Plain is a popular XC ski area. This hut was built by Bill Howard in 1962 as a cattleman's hut. The main part of the hut was pre-fab and brought in by truck, but the rear was built on site for storage of saddles and kit.

A memorial to Bill Howard, who passed away in 1978, is located about 50m to the west of the hut.

The hut is often locked, as it is still used by cattlemen.


Pre-fabricated corrugated iron and gabled. Has a kitchen and living area. There is a small fireplace, two windows, couch and table in the (carpeted) living area.


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