Photo of wombat post office hut

Located at Wombat Creek on the Wombat Creek Track, Benambra Leinster map GR529301.

Photo: Scott McGill, 2003

Also known as Faithfull's Wombat Creek Hut


Built in 1969 by Ken Faithfull and Pat Bourke-Kennedy as a cattlemen's hut, after the lease was extended from the Kennedy Hut to Wombat and Quart Pot Huts

The Kennedy family undertook renovations in February 1986. Apparently there was a mining village on this site, at the junction of the two creeks in about 1890, after gold was first found here in 1861. Gold was discovered by Sydney Oldham, Thomas Bridge, Thomas Hallyer, Abraham Alder and William McLean.


Iron clad hut over poles with a skillion roof and front veranda. A brick fireplace exists. There are two windows. Unusual and rare "Braby Sun" brand iron was used on the hut. Includes a table and bunks.


Kennedy Family and friends.


  • Hueneke Pp 198, 246
  • Butler Pp 357 - 359

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