Photo of wonnangatta station hut

Located on the Wonnangatta Track, Wonnangatta Valley at GR 849 818 on the Howitt Selwyn map

Photo: David and Bev Steer, 2001

Also known as Guys Hut, Wonnagatta.


The original property was taken up as a lease by William Bryce in 1866 until 1914, when William's wife Annie died and the lease was passed to a Mansfield partnership.

They engaged James Barclay as the manager. Barclay is famous, along with his assistant John Bamford, as they were both found murdered in 1918 and the mystery has yet to be solved.

In 1934 the run was purchased by the Guy family. Left unrepaired, the homestead burnt down in 1957, set alight by bushwalkers. This hut was built in a week, using materials from the homestead, as an emergency refuge by Arthur and Jack Guy, Eric Traill and George Annand.

The property was purchased from Bob Gilder by the Victorian Government in 1988 after 130 years of continuous grazing. For those who have visited, this is one of the most magical camping valleys in Australia. There is easy access from the south, and some of the best four wheel driving possible down the Zeka Spur or over the Crooked River from the north.


Corrugated iron over wooden pole frame with a gable roof. Some of the floor is covered in ply wood and some left as dirt. The hut now needs some maintenance to repair holes. It contains tables, some bunks, fireplace and veranda.

Elms, poplars and cypress' surround the building. The Mark Boxer memorial and a cemetary sit to the north.


None known.


  • Hueneke Pp38, 246
  • Butler Pp 360 - 363.
  • Magnussen - no reference.
  • Stepehenson

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