Located at Mt Jim, Bogong High Plains.

On the Feathertop map at GR191103, elevation 1640m

Photo: Richard Clarke, 2014


Also Known as SEC Survey Hut, or Youngs Top Hut

photo of young's hut victoria


Osborne Young built the original Youngs hut nearby, at the old yards, which are up the hill from this site, in about 1883.

This hut was built in 1923 and received a renovation by Charlie Rundell Jnr in 1928, with the installation of a new floor and roofing iron. The basalt stones of the fireplace remain.

The current hut was built in 1928 by the SEC and is similar to Kellys Hut. This one was pre-fabricated and carried in by pack horse.


The hut is weatherboard like the original, and has a corrugated iron roof and chimney, with a veranda at the front.

Photo: Gary Duncan


Border Bushwalking Club.


  • Hueneke Pp 133, 246
  • Magnussen Pp 156 - 157
  • Butler Pp368 - 370

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