Located about 2km from Mt Hotham, at the intersection with the Bon Accord and Mt Feathertop tracks. Grid reference 107076.

Brief History

Thought to have been built in 1969, replacing an old CRB hut that was previously sited here from 1923, but was burnt down in the 1939 fires.


Olaf Moon, 2002

This is the second hut built on this site, and is unsual for three aspects, firstly overnight campers are discouraged, despite its size, second it does not appear in the Butler report and third its unusual A Frame construction.

A great refuge for those walking off the Feathertop spur in a blizzard.


Unusual cli-lock steel roof over a steel frame and concrete floor. A very large hut, maybe 14 in length. Uniquely, there is no door!

Other huts nearby are private and locked.

Caretakers - None known.


  • Hueneke Pp 101, 235
  • Magnussen Pp35 - 36
  • Butler - No reference.

Profile updated 28 September 2003.