photo of dobbins hut

Located on the Alpine walking track, near Cobungra Gap and at the end of Swindler Spur. At GR161106 on the Bogong High Plains map.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993

Also known as "The Creep Inn" due to its low doorway, shown in the picture below.

photo of dibbins hut


This hut is the third on this site, with the first being built in the 1890s but burnt down in 1920. The new hut was built by Arthur Dibbins in 1917, after he came to the High Plains in 1884, aged 14.

Dibbins shared the tenure of Block 44a, on which it is built, with William Howard in 1936. In 1939 he transferred his share to Neil Gow. Restrictions were placed on the block in the mid 1940's, when Lawler and the Naughton brothers also had an interest with Dibbin who had reclaimed his interest in 1941.

The hut decayed slowly and was extensively restored in 1987 and 1988 by "Operation Raleigh" an English youth group headed by Ian King. The restoration essentially replaced the old hut. The matter was subject to some criticism by the Australian Newpaper and also the National Trust at the time. Those who saw the original, say that it was completely removed, moved slightly and rebuilt in a rather different style and using different materials.

In 1999, the Freemasons Task Force once again did a restoration job on this hut and relocated the toilet.


It is similar in construction to Blairs Hut, with log walls and a gabled roof. The floor is unusual in that it is butt jointed hardwood.

The hut is considered significant because of the dispute over the degree of restoration of a heritage building, which was seen as a demolition by heritage experts.

Caretakers - The Alpine School, Dinner Plain. Also the FTF.


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