photo of dubgeys hutLocated on private property in Happy Valley, at the top of the Wonnangatta Valley Road and at approximately GR996657. As the hut is on private property, visitors are encouraged to check with the residents out of courtesy.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003

Also known as Harry Smith's Hut.

The hut has been recently refurbished with donation tin inside so we asssume that visitors are not discouraged. To find the hut, drive onto the property - sign post at gate, the Wonnangatta Rd swings sharp left near the gate. It's about an hours drive from the Dargo Rd down a reasonable dirt Rd (you'll pass the Black Snake Creek hut/ruin to get there). Drive down for about a kilometre into open farmland. You will see an oldish residence down to your right. Dungeys hut is visible about 200m past it near the Wonnangatta R. Park about 100m past the LHS of the residence.


Built by Harry Smith and known too by that. Dungey bought the land after Smith died in 1945. Smith was a key figure in trying to solve the Wonnangatta murders. He was the one to find the Station deserted and raised the alarm after his second visit (to deliver the mail) on 14 January 1918.

The amount of old artifacts in the building is amazing (Newpaper on the walls going back to 1923.) It is one of the best restoration of a pioneer dwelling I've seen anywhere. A caretaker lives in a cottage nearby.


Slab walls with a bark roof and wide veranda.


  • G Duncan - pers comm.
  • Stephenson Pp70 - 73 and others.

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