Victorian Huts

Located on the Alpine walking track at Mt Cope, and also about 400m from the High Plains Rd. On the Bogong High Plains map at GR259152.

Photo: Tanya Smith, 2015

Located at Dungey's Hollow off the Great Alpine Road. See the Dargo Map, GR076046. On an incredibly steep slope. Burnt 2003.

photo of cope saddle hut

Located at Cope West Aqueduct Track, Cope Saddle. Shown on Bogong High Plains Map GR231135


Photo: Gary Duncan, 2002

charlie reed dartmoorLocated at corner of Hutchinsons Creek Road and Bonang Bendoc Road, Bendoc. At GR 598849.


photo of craigs hutLocated at Clear Hills, east of Mt Stirling. It is on the Stirling Buller map at 585929.

Craigs Hut Version 3 was burnt down by wild fire on 11 December 2006.

Photo: Steve Schmezle, 2006

Located on the Davies Plain Track, about 20Km south of the NSW border. 

Contrary to some reports, this hut was NOT burnt down in the 2003 fires.

Photo: Olaf Moon

Located beside the Dinner Plain Road, about 1 Km from the DP Village on the northern side. 

photo of deer hutLocated near Whitfield.

Photo: S Ericsson

Constructed of bush poles and corrugated iron.

Profile updated 24 January 2010.

Photo of cropper creek hutLocated at Cropper Creek

Photo: S Schmezle, 2008

Profile last updated June 2011

photo of derrick hut

Located at Swindlers Spur, Mt Loch, and is about an hour's walk from the Mt Loch carpark.

Turn right at pole 60 and walk to pole 94 to find it. (The poles are 40m apart). On map Feathertop at GR 141081. (Dibbins hut is the next, 400m lower at pole 181). Restored 2007.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003

photo of culhane hut

Located in the Wonnangatta, beside the Crooked River.

Photo: S Schmezle, Jan 2008

Profile last updated 22 September 2004.


Located about 2km from Mt Hotham, at the intersection with the Bon Accord and Mt Feathertop tracks. Grid reference 107076.