Victorian Huts

photo of dobbins hut

Located on the Alpine walking track, near Cobungra Gap and at the end of Swindler Spur. At GR161106 on the Bogong High Plains map.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993

Located at the East Caledonia River Track, Snowy Range, 4.5Km from the Bennison Plains Road. GR 776694 Tamoritha Moroka map.

Also known as Avin Hut

photo of tom groggins hut

Located at the foot of the Davies Plain track, at Tom Groggin, right on the NSW border. Appears on the Jacobs Creek map. GR009555.

 Also known as Doggers Hut or Tom Groggin's Hut

Photo: Olaf Moon

Photo of Edmondson Hut in the snow 2000Located at Nelse Creek, Mt Nelse about 3 minutes walk from Pole 788 on the vehicle track. Shown on the Bogong High Plains Map and Nelse Vicmap GR 294 218. To find it, take the Big River FT from the Bogong High Plains Road and after 3.6km turn west from pole 788, for 1km.

Photo: Alan Levy 2002

photo of dogs grave hut Location 100m from the famous Dogs Grave on the Davies Plain track.

Photo: Olaf Moon, 1992

Now a ruin, by Eight Mile Creek, a subsidiary on the Howqua.

Also known as Howqua Hut (one of many).


Built by Harry Norris and friends. Burnt down in the early 1960's by school children from GGS Timbertop, while bushwalking.


  • RJ Norris - Pers comm 03.

Profile last updated 28 September 2003.

photo of dubgeys hutLocated on private property in Happy Valley, at the top of the Wonnangatta Valley Road and at approximately GR996657. As the hut is on private property, visitors are encouraged to check with the residents out of courtesy.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003

Located on Bon Accord Spur Track, Bon Accord Spur at GR100088. Marked as a ruin on the Bogong map.


Built by Eric Johnson half a mile east of Bon Accord Hut on a Permissive Occupancy, for recreational skiing in 1944.

Timbers and iron mark the spot in a small clearing.


A timber hut with stone chimney, very small.


  • Butler.

Profile updated 28 September 2003.

photo of dunsmir hut

Located at McFarlanes Saddle, beside the Moroka Road, on the way to Lake Tarli Karn. Shown on the Rooftop map "Dargo Wonnangatta" at GR 4860 58510.

Photo: Rooftop Maps

Located at GR560187 north west of Benambra. This hut was destroyed in the January 2003 fires.

Profile last updated 19 September 2003.

Located at Dunstan Logging Track, Pinnabar State Forest. On the Dart Gibbo map at GR822598.


Built to support forestry workers in the area. Burnt down in 2003.


Timber with iron roofs.


  •  None recorded.

Profile last updated 28 September 2003.

photo of evans hutLocated at Evans Creek, Track, north of Tomahawk Gap.

Photo: Robin Rishworth, 2003