Victorian Huts

photo of faithfulls hutLocated at Buckety Plain, Bogong High Plains Road, and at GR292123 on the Bogong High Plains Map, elevation 1500m.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993

photo of frenchmans spur hutLocated at Frenchmans Spur.

Drive along Frenchmans Spur Track to check out the hut. VicMap Big River (8122-44) has a Refuge Hut marked at 55H 422454, 5839760 (WGS84). Well, we can report that there was a hut at that location once but sadly now there are only a few bits of metal, beer bottles, and stones that were used in its construction. However we kept at it, backtracked and turned onto a small track at 55H 424118, 5838137 and followed it for about 120m into the bush and found a hut. Now on VicMap Matlock (8122-41) and at 55H 424187, 5838029.

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2004

photo of federation hutLocated at Bungalow Spur Track, Mt Feathertop. GR107159 on the Bogong High Plains or "Harrietville" map. This hut was burnt down in the 2003 fires, but has now been replaced with the new iron replica.

Photo: Graham Scully, April 2011

Locatated on the Howqua Track, Howqua Hills on Sheepyard Flat GR404830. Access by vehicle from Mansfield.


photo of fifteen mile hut Located on the Fifteen Mile Road, near Taponga River. Shown on the Vicmap Enoch Point at 55H 412296 5854639. The hut is actually a little to the south of this at 55H 412173 5854372.

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2004

Lphoto of fultons hutocated at Grid Ref 454400 5813566 on the Binns Track, off the Fulton Track, Beardmore.

Photo: B. Dodson, 2005

Located at Kellys Track, Marms Point. On the Bogong High Plains map - GR323186.

photo of gardiners hut

Located at Howqua River, Brocks Road, Tunnel Spur, at GR447835 on the Buller Stirling or Buller South Map 8123-1S. Access is from the Gardners Carpark at 446883. NOTE: that this hut is locked unless you obtain the key first.

Courtesy of Ron Dickson, 2004

photo of flanagans hutThis hut is privately owned. Please obtain permission before entering.

Also known as Bill Parslows Hut or Bill Flanagans Hut, not to be confused with Jack Parslows Hut.

Located at the Livingstone Track, off New Rush Creek.

Map T8423-4-4 AMG Zone 55: 544619 5880368.

Photo: Sedgley for Graeme Butler and Associates and DSE Copyright 2004

photo of gattamurh creek hut

Located on the Armstrongs Track near Gattamurh Creek, Suggan Buggan and at GR 297119 (labelled on the old map as a "camping shed".) It is marked but not named on the Suggan Buggan map correctly at GR 298121. The easiest access is for walkers to fod the Snowy River and follow Gattamurh Crek up to the hut following brumby pads.

Note that the original hut at Gattamurh Ford on the snowy (ref Butler) does not exist any longer, just a chimney base.

Photo: Craig Doubleday, 2006

photo of flying swagman hutLocated on the Mt Elliott Track near Corryong.

Photo: A. Sedgley, c/- Graeme Butler And Assoc. and DSE 2004




Profile last updated 29 September 2004.

Located at Benambra Corryong Road, Gibbo River Junction, where the Benambra Rd once ended.