Victorian Huts

photo of gibsons hut

Located near the junction of Dunstans Logging Road and Shady Creek lower, Mt Pinnibar. GR850578 on the Gibbo Dart Map or Benambra 1:100,000 map. This hut did survive the 2003 fires.

Original Hut. Photo: Mitchell, 1972

photo of guys hutLocated on Howitt Road, Bryces Plain (Snowy Plains). Grid Reference 780 729 on the Tamboritha Moroka map.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993

Located at Golden Point, Millers Track, on the junction of the Little River and Left Hand Branch, near Mt Wellington.

photo of guys mt sarah hutLocated onthe Sarah Spur Track, at Mt Sarah. Shown on the Howitt-Selwyn map at 973867.

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2003

Just another tin garage!

Caretakers - none known


  • Gary Duncan - pers comm.

Profile last updated 28 April 2008

Located besides the MVO track to the lighthouse, Wilsons Promontary NP. GPS points:55 446700E 5673500N WGS84 39 05 24S 146 23 07E NAV27 elev 216m which may make this the most southerly hut on the mainland!

photo of the remains of a hotel part of the grant townshipLocated above Talbotville Victoria.

A major gold mining town, the Pub sat here!

This hut is on private land. Please obtain permission before visiting.

photo of granya falls hut

Located on Cottontree Creek, inside the border of Granya State Park, which is north east of Tallangatta.

Also known as Granya Falls Hut.

Photo: Anne Sedgley C/- Graeme Butler and Associates, 2004

photo of higgins hutLocated at Mt Tamboritha, Bennison Plains. This hut is on "private" land - freehold. The owner is Kevin Higgins and the hut is generally locked.

Email for details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo: G Duncan, 2003

photo of green hills hutLocated near Swifts Creek. Shown on the 1:100,000 Murrindal map at GR975732. Its on the Nunnet Rd which goes from Buchan north and loops back down to Moscow Villa. Also clearly marked on the HEMA "High Country Victoria" map.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2004

photo of hillview retreat hutLocated 100m off the Brookville Road, about 5km west of Swifts Creek at GR 604739.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2003