Victorian Huts

Located about 200m off the Alpine Road at JB Plain.

photo of captain rowley rover hut

Located at Mt Baw Baw.


Photo: Gary Duncan, 1995

photot of johnsons hutLocated at Mt Useful Spur, South Road.

Photo: Bruce Dodson, 2005


Originally built by deer hunters about 1983, to support their deer hunting activities in the area.


Tin over a timber frame. Multi room.

Profile last updated 7 June 2005

photo of stirling mystery mountain hut

Located on the west side of Mt Stirling, in a small clearing at an elevation of 1680 metres, and can be a little hard to find. It is on the tree line, just south of a small creek. Confirmed location is GR553 904. To get there, follow the jeep track from Howqua Gap towards the summit. About 200m before the track turn sharply to the east, it crosses a small creek. Follow this creek upstream for a short distance to find the hut near the tree line.

Also known as The Victorian Tramping Club Hut, Stirling Mountain Hut and Mansfield Cross Country Ski Hut.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1992


Located at The Big River Fire Track, Mt Nelse. Shown on the Bogong High Plains map at GR312217.

photo of kellys hut at marm point

Located at the Kelly Track near Cemetery Spur, Marms Point near the head of Wildhorse Creek.

Bogong High Plains map GR 330189 and elevation 1700m. It takes about 3 to 4 hours walk from Watchbed Ck on the Bogong High Plains Road. It is about 700m from Fitzgeralds hut.

Photo: Alan Levy, 2001

photo of jorgensons hutLocated at Jorgensens Flat at Donnelly Creek east of the Thomson Reservoir.

Photo: Rooftop Maps,

Photo of kellys hut

Located at Kellys Lane, Holmes Plain and shown on the Tamboritha Moroka map at GR780592.

Photo: Gary Duncan

photo of joyce brockhoff hutLocated at Mt Hotham within the resort area. On the "Feathertop" map at GR129079 and elevation 1760m. It is 400m downslope from the Mt Loch track.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2002

Photo of kennedys hutLocated on the west bank of the Mitta-Mitta river, about 1 km downstream from the AWT bridge at Taylors crossing and showing on the Benambra Leinstar map at GR 585252, not at 590260 as previously reported.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2004

Located at the ford on the Aberfeldy River, near the junction with Donnellys Creek, east of Thomson Reservoir.

Photo of Keppels hut in the snowLocated at Keppels Creek, Lake Mountain GR983533.

This hut was one of about 10, lost in the 2009 FIRES.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2008