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photo of federation hut
photo of federation hut
Located at Bungalow Spur Track, Mt Feathertop. GR107159 on the Bogong High Plains or "Harrietville" map. This hut was burnt down in the 2003 fires, but has now been replaced with the new iron replica.

Photo: Graham Scully, April 2011

Also known as the FVWC Hut.


Named after the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs (FVWC) who were formed in 1934. They built the hut using a Tourist Development Association grant in 1968 and 1969.

The hut was upgraded in 1989. A double seater toilet built by the Parks service, survived the hut.

The new hut was designed by Tonique Bolt and was pre-fabricated then flown in parts from Mt Loch carpark and assembled in December 2004.


Built as a gabled hut with aluminium siding and a corrugated iron roof. The original hut was re-clad in timber in May 1988 by Ian Stapleton and friends. The hut is lined with five ply and has bunks for 10 people. It is 3.6m by 5.5m in size.

Safety:  Apart from the obvious emergency shelter function,  there is a rescue sled, first aid kit, slow combustion wood heater (fuel stove only outside the hut) and a mobile phone reception enhancing device. The grassed clearing outside provides a helicopter landing site.
Fire resistance: Walls and roof of zincalum, aluminium framed windows, galvanised steel foundations and floor beams,expanded aluminium underfloor ember barrier, fireplace alcove lined  with fire resistant cement sheeting.


  • Hueneke Pp 102, 236.
  • Butler Pp101 - 103
  • Magnusssen Pp44 - 46
  • Secondhand and Solid P28 by Ian Stapleton.

Last updated 16 May, 2011