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Locphoto of westons hutated off the Kiewa Logging Road at Mt Jim. Bogong High Plains map at GR166141.

Photos: Jim Moon, 2001

This hut was burnt down in January 2007 during wildfires in Victoria.


photo of westons hut ruins
photo of westons hut ruins

Brief History

The hut was built in 1932, presumably by Roy "Buffalo Bill" Weston, but it was burnt down in 1939.

The new hut was built by Eric Weston and Fred Briggs, aided by son Tom, in 1939. It originally had a shingle roof. The lease was transfered to Eric's daughter, Mary Goldsworthy in 1991.

Restoration occured in the 1980s causing the National Trust some concerns, although it primarily involved replacing some older palings. At the time, the hut was very close to falling over, and was pulled upright using wire stays, attached to ground anchors. Interestingly, the National Trust did not visit the hut, before making their adverse comments.


This hut measures 5.8 by 3.7m and was originally pole and all schingles (as for many Tasmanian huts), with an earth floor. Today, the poles seem orginal, but the covering is all corrugated iron.

Caretakers - NE Freemasons Taskforce.


  • Hueneke Pp
  • Magnussen P152
  • G. Butler Pp 344-347.

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