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H Schlink

Sir Herbert was an enthusiastic and intrepid skier. He was a foundation member of the Kosciusko Alpine Club in 1909 and of the Ski Club of Australia in 1920, and was President of the latter for 40 years.

He was one of the first guests at the Kosciusko Hotel in 1907, and was a member of the first party to reach Kosciusko from the hotel, on skis in 1910. After exploratory summer trips, he also made the first ski crossing from Kiandra to Kosciusko in 1927. In recognition of these journeys, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

He was an enthusiatic supporter of the encouragement of skiing, the benefits to health of high altitiudes, and the provision of more accommodation in the alpine areas, including development of a chain of hotels and huts for use by skiers. For example, he was instrumental in the development of Tin hut as a skiers venue.

He took an active interest in the development of Thredbo, was a supporter of the Snowy Mountains scheme, and actively promoted development of the Snowy Mountains area for purposes of sport, tourism and, in particular, skiing.

In recognition of his contribution, the highest road pass on the Kosciusko main range was named after him by the Snowy Mountains Authority, and the related and very popular skiing hut, the "Schlink Hilton."

Sir Herbert Schlink was also well known in other circles as a prominent Sydney doctor and gynaecologist, and as a result was written up in "Australia's Who's Who 1962".

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