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Links to Youtube videos relating to the High Country.

National Film and Sound Archive

Ron Richards

Historic high country film, SMA, Cooma

Office of Environment and Heritage

Kiandra People series

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

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Artisans of Australia: Timbercraft

18 minutes

Made by Film Australia 1984. Directed by Paul Humfress. A detailed look at the restoration of the Coolamine Homestead in the Kosciuszko National Park. The building, constructed in 1883, is a very good example of a drop slab alpine ash timber hut. The process of restoration is explained in detail, including choosing the right tree, using the tools and what were once standard bush skills. The program features axemen Bill Boyd and Mark Garner who, like their families before them, have worked in the bush all their lives.

Snowy Waters

11 minutes

From The Film Australia Collection. Made by The National Film Board 1952. Directed by Bern Gandy.
Original synopsis: Australia’s greatest engineering undertaking, the Snowy River Hydroelectric Scheme, in the Southern Alps, is changing the geography of an area as big as Switzerland by completely altering the course of streams and rivers, and is intended to bring into agricultural production double the area now served by irrigation, and to provide double Australia’s present output of electrical power.

Outlook: Bullocky

13 minutes

Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1969. Directed by Richard Mitchell. Vic Deaves is a fourth-generation bushman. For as long as he can remember, his family has lived off the land, often as timber-getters in the coastal valleys of New South Wales. Vic is a bullocky, one of the last of his kind. With his team of bullocks he drags logs out of the valley too choked and precipitous for mechanised transport. It's a way of life that is dying and part of Australian history will die with it.

On Australia's Rooftops, 1956 home movie by Ernest Singer

14 minutes

On Australia's Rooftops is a home movie travelogue made in 1956 by amateur filmmaker Ernest Singer.

It is a family travelogue to the snowfields of Charlotte Pass in Mount Kosciuszko National Park that compares favourably to similar professional productions of the day thanks to a thoughtful script (narrated by Ernest's wife Cora), tight editing and a strong visual aesthetic.

Ernest Singer (1905-1981) was born in Vienna but relocated to Melbourne in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution. He was a keen amateur filmmaker and an active member of the Victorian Amateur Cine Society throughout the late 1950s. Filming on his favoured 16mm colour film stock, Singer's films are a mixture of travelogue, social commentary and humour, revealing aspects of Australian life that have long since vanished.

This film is from a collection of approximately 20 of Ernest Singer's 16mm and Super 8mm home movies donated to the NFSA by Ernest's children Joan and Peter.

Roof of Australia

Featuring Snowy Mountains Scheme.

From The Film Australia Collection. Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1957. Directed by Geoffrey Collings. The snow fields of the Australian Alps are larger than those in Switzerland and provide winter holidays for many Australians. Others work and live with their families above the snow line, where life is much as it is in other towns but with an added excitement.


Ron Richards

Snowy Mountains

Compilation of digitised 16mm and Super 8 films shot by Ron Richards. Includes Brumby wrangling at Dead Horse Gap in the Snowy Mountains, Richards family in Cooma, Snowy Mountains Hydro construction (Adaminaby & Guthega), Cooma township, water skiing (Merimbula?) and fashions on the field.


Office of Environment and Heritage

Kiandra People: Pat Howard

A descendant of early Chinese gold mining settlers, Pat Howard looks back on the town where she grew up.

Part 2

Kiandra People: Phyllis Dowling Part 1

Although she never lived in Kiandra, Phyllis Dowling has a passionate interest for her family history in and around the NSW Snowy Mountains town that goes back to the 1860s.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Kosciuszko National Park - Pattinsons Hut Kiandra

Bill Crain recalls some of his family history at Pattinsons Hut, located in the NSW Snowy Mountains town of Kiandra. This film is part of a NSW National Parks & Wildlife heritage project.

Kosciuszko Huts Association presents historic Kiandra relics to NSW National Parks

Graham Scully from KHA presents some historic pieces to Mick Pettitt from NSW National Parks at Kiandra in December 2009.

1982 Wheelers Hut visit video

A Youtube video of a trip to Wheelers Hut was submitted by a member, Year unknown.