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Following last year’s sacking of the ACT Heritage Council, the KHA has made a submission the inquiry into ACT Heritage arrangements. You can read our submission here

For KHA members: We're pleased to announce the return of the Kosciuszko Huts Association Woodskills Weekend on 22-23 April 2023, to be held in Wee Jasper.

KHA members are encouraged to register for a free Heritage Management and Heritage Skills Workshop at Currango Homestead, Kosciusko National Park from 10-12 March 2023.

Sawyers hut rebuilt

ABC South East NSW reports the completion of the Sawyer's Hill hut rebuild

Workers rebuild a hut

Subject to change due to mountain weather, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has given a timetable for hut rebuilds(as at June 2022).

Sawyer's covered in snow

After some challenging mountain weather NSW Parks staff and 5 volunteers have nearly completed the Rest House at Sawyers Hill. With heavy snowfalls recently, the builders hope to get back to complete chimney and roof when the weather improves.

KHA kids at Valentine Hut

After the unusually wet summer, the annual KHA work party to Valentine Hut was delayed until a weekend of ideal weather in mid-March.

NSW Update

If you are interested in helping out with the reconstruction of the huts in NSW then please register directly with NPWS.

The 50th anniversary newsletter was a special limited edition booklet published and distributed to current members at the time of publication (19 November 2021) 

delanys hut reopening

Watch the video of the re-opening of the newly rebuilt Delanys Hut. The new hut uses a number of fire protection features like a sprinkler system and fire-retardant timbers to protect the hut from future bushfires. Image and video produced by Tom’s Outdoors.

Woodskills is a weekend KHA camping event run once every two years, demonstrating colonial timbercraft and carpentry. Held at the Kellett family’s property in Wee Jasper, it’s run by volunteers for members, interested staff from NSW NPWS and ACT Parks and Conservation Service, and for Wee Jasper locals.

Burnt demandering

The Canberra Times reported that the ACT Government intends to replace both Demandering Hut and Max and Berts Hut; both of which were lost in the 2019-2020 bushfires.  What The Canberra Times DID NOT report was that this replacement would only proceed if the results of the community survey were positive.