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Burnt demandering

The Canberra Times reported that the ACT Government intends to replace both Demandering Hut and Max and Berts Hut; both of which were lost in the 2019-2020 bushfires.  What The Canberra Times DID NOT report was that this replacement would only proceed if the results of the community survey were positive.

delanys hut frame and roof

Our good friends at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service were busy in December working on Delany's Hut (aka Delany’s No. 3), battling unseasonal snow and wind to install the roof and complete other tasks.

KHA President Simon Buckpitt delivered a presentation to this year’s ACT region Heritage Symposium in Canberra on 13 August.

Photo of AGM

The KHA held its annual general meeting on 14 May 2022 in Jindabyne at the Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains.

In October 2021, the New South Wales NPWS announced the list of huts to be rebuilt, subject to environmental assessments:

NSW Update

If you are interested in helping out with the reconstruction of the huts in NSW then please register directly with NPWS NPWS by emailing 

NPWS has announced the list of Huts to be rebuilt subject to environmental assessment:

NPWS Press release.

NPWS Press Release 20/10/2021 regarding huts burnt down and damaged in the 2019-2020 summer bushfires- almost all to be rebuilt.

A map of huts lost in the fire seasons of 2003 and 2020.

NPWS has announced the list of Huts to be rebuilt subject to environmental assessment:

Lake Albina Survival Hut Reet ValackTHE SURVIVAL HUT at LAKE ALBINA
John Anderson

photo: Reet Valack 1984.

A whiteout is an occupational hazard for ski tourers on the Main Range. While low cloud and reduced visibility may occur at any time of the year, it is during winter with a blanket of freshly fallen snow covering the mountains, that the true whiteout is experienced.