The attached article gives details of a horseriding trip to Tom Groggin followed by Jack Riley leading the group to the summit.


A collection of articles from 1928 to 1958. The Australian Ski Yearbook was the record of all activities in the alps.

General, Australian and NSW Articles are available here.

A collection of articles from 1928 to 1961. The Australian Ski Yearbook was the record of all activities in the alps.

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David Scott has produced another excellent document covering the recreational history of the Main Range.

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The Seaman and Hayes tragedy of 1928 and the construction of the Seaman Memorial Hut
David Scott, August 2013 (rev May 2017) For the Kosciuszko Huts Association

Incorporating material from the Australian Ski Yearbook, Trove, the Henry Willis Collection and plans from the NSW Public Works Dept
Article #3 of 3 on the history of the summit area within the Kosciuszko NP

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In the winter of 1899 a party travelled by horseback from Jindabyne to Snowy Plain, Diggers Creek. 

Have you ever wondered why the murals existed?

...a letter to KHA from Ian Ritchie...

KHA member John Purves enjoyed many years ski touring to our huts over many years and sent in this collection of prints for the enjoyment of members. The indefatiguable Rex Cox, champion of the rebuilding of Broken Dam Hut, and serial KHA donor, features regularly. The collection included photos of John & Patty Purves and fellow ski tourer Colin Brown.

My favourite is Mawsons Hut KNP almost buried under snow in 1991.

Brochure produced by the Government Tourist Bureau, extolling the beauty of the drive.

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Story compiled by George Copeland.

all photos Nordic Ski Club

NordicSki Club at O'Keefe HutParticipants: Craig Austin, Kenn Clacher, John Croker, James Cryer, Chris Darby, Marion Davies and Paul Jennings.

This trip was planned as a 4-day trip, starting from Eucumbene Dam with the first night at Happy's Hut, the second night camping on or in the vicinity of Far Bald Mountain, taking in the full moon, and the last night at Mackey's Hut. Of course, things never run to plan.

Peter Woolley sent some amazing photos from a walk in 1947 by his aunt and uncle who were members of the Sydney Rucksack Club.

Photo of the Perisher Ski Jump July 1971 Phillip SteadThe Perisher Ski Jump was located in the valley half way between Perisher Valley and Smiggins Holes.

It was constructed in 1967 but ran into disuse after 1972 and was deconstructed in 1976.

The jump record was held by Pal Schjetne, 54m 8/8/1971


More information can be found on the "Ski Jumping Hill Archive"

Photo: Phillip Stead 1971