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A collection of Reet Vallacks' photographs was passed to KHA in 2018.

Originally named the Laurie Seaman Memorial Chalet, this hut was built in 1929 to commemorate Seaman who, with his skiing companion Evan Hayes, perished in a blizzard whilst returning from Mt Kosciuszko in the winter of 1928 and whose body was found sat leaning against a rock just to the rear of the hut.

An history of the Ski Tourers Association' sites - Albina Lodge, Kunama Hutte, the Northcote tow and Illawong Lodge 1951-83

David Scott August 2013

7th - 9th August 1999
As published in the "Australian Scout" magazine, October 1999. P. 2-7.

Cross country with Ted Winter from Bett's Camp to Pretty Plain and finally to the Boardman's at Khancoban.

 In the 1950s people idolised champion sports people whatever their sport. Ted Winter was a champion in the true sense and a great all rounder. Academic, poet, writer, bushman, skier, you name it and Winter met the challenge.

Graham Scully continues to talk to the people of the Snowy, and collect fascinating stories of the history of the area. Here is one of my favorites -  the arrival of the first motor car in Cooma, 1905, compliments of Neville Locker: 

This article describes a 15 day ski tour in September 1990 by Pieter Arriens, Graham Scully, Phil Bishop, and Dean Turner, who was writing a book about the wisdom found in the logbooks of mountain huts.

Read the article at this link

Tin Hut is one of two huts built by the NSW Tourist Bureau in 1925-6 to provide ski touring opportunities on the main range between Mt Twynam and Mt Jagungal. The hut’s location was chosen by Dr Herbert Schlink, who led the first party to ski ‘Kiandra to Kosciuszko’ in July 1927, coming via Tin Hut and taking just three days.

Betts Camp, the Lakes' Shelters and the Kosciusko Road

Two articles on early tourists to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko.


Written by Jack Wadie.