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Photo of Graham Scully

Graham has been a member of KHA dating back to the early 1980's, maybe earlier.

 Graham was President of KHA from 1987 to 1992 - a period of five years. This has been the longest serving term of any President of KHA. During his Presidency, Graham was the driving force behind the establishment of the Historical Group, which laid firm foundations for research into the cultural history of the high country huts. His efforts in these areas broke down many of the perceived or real barriers that existed between the early builders and users of the huts and Park Management. Graham was also the driving force behind the extension of KHA's activities into Namadgi National Park.

This photo courtesy of Pauline Downing.

Graham continues to be actively involved with KHA. Graham is well known for his recruitment of new members and only recently he volunteered to follow up new members - a job he is doing with his usual enthusiasm. In 2002, he was the KHA membership secretary, carefully nurturing new members, to encourage them to get involved with KHA activities.

Graham has also published a history email newsletter and an environmental newsletter for a time.