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Ian on Eskdale Spur Victoria.

Recruited by Graham Scully soon after the 2003 fires.

Ian is a keen backcountry telemark skier, terribly upset about missing out seeing the huts that burnt down in the 2003 fires, who heeded the call to arms to rewrite the Kosciuszko Plan of Managament and rebuild burnt huts.

Briefly served as Acting President after the sudden resignation of Mark Cleghorn in 2007 until the May AGM. He served as HMO South from 2004 until 2015 when he was appointed KHA Treasurer as penance. By 2018 he was burnt out good and proper and retired gracefully after the 2018 AGM. His long suffering 'hut widow' Jenny, has banned him from discussing politics in public and ever standing for KHA President.

Has been known to hammer in a nail or two, a propensity to upset other Life Members, but is handy with administration. He stepped in to do a few newsletters, membership troubleshooting, delivering parcels and helps a bit with the website, when he isn't out skiing, cycling or trying to outsmart a trout.