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"I'm looking for a wife," he said

"And there's plenty I can give

 I'd like you as my bride

Back to Snowy Plain to live


Thomas Bolton is my name"

"And Mary Crowe is mine

I'd like to have a wedding cake

And just a little wine"


He came back to the diggings

As quiet as any mouse

And said "I'm getting married

Have to build myself a house"


The site was soon selected

With excitement in his veins

He planned the door and windows

With views across the plain


This house was then erected

With a mountain style and pride

Thomas Bolton built it

For the girl to be his bride


The wedding proceeded

It was a happy day

They returned by horse and sulky

Their goods by bullock dray


The years went by so quickly

Their happy life so free

Then it came the time to shift

To school their family


They said goodbye to Snowy Plain

For further fields to roam

And took with them sweet memories

Of their happy mountain home


Tom and Mary both have gone

To a better place I know

Where there's no pain or hardship

No more living in the snow


Life around Old Snowy Plain

Has grown so quiet and dull

And the lonely hut is standing

Beside the grave of old Ned Hull


Now with Pauline and her work mates

It's kept repaired and clean

The memories of those bygone years

Are preserved, and forever green.