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So we snared an old man Wombat

And we tied him to a pole

 When we awoke next morning

He'd dug the toilet hole

With Graham and Flash Jack

Dear Aggie and Fisherman Phil

We set about to build

"The Dunny on the Hill"


With hammer, nails and timber

We worked into the night

Then up again next morning

Just as it was getting light


The job was then completed

This gave us such a thrill

To see that building standing

"The Dunny on the Hill"


Now its sealed and fully lined

A bag mat on the floor

With an antique polished seat

And an old time cedar door


The seat is nice and comfy

With original name "The Squatter"

But when you go to visit

Don't forget the bull fly swatter


When you've eaten mountain goulash

And you have had an overfill

Just join behind the queue up to

"The Dunny on the Hill"


So to our friend the Wombat

Should we hope to meet again

We have initiated him a member

Of "The Mob from Snowy Plain"


As you're seated quite contended

And the air is quiet and still

We hope you've enjoyed your visit

To "Our Dunny on the Hill"