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Three documents that provide a detailed history of the Upper Goobarragandra Goldfields.

"Working the Upper Goob" David Scott 2011 3.4MB

A history of the Upper Goobarragandra Goldfields including Broken Cart Diggings, Dinner Time Flat (Horseshoe Mine), and the Goobarragandra Gold Mine (Stoke's or King's Mine), Kosciuszko National Park"


"Kings Mine, Stokes Mine and Goobarragandra Mine" Harry Hill, 1994 270KB

In this reproduction from the KHA Newsletter of 1994, Harry writes about the mines on the Goobarragandra River. He has researched the history, and describes the trip to locate what remains.


"Goobarragandra Gold" Harry Hill, 2013 418KB

Written by Harry Hill in 2003, based on oral history interviews of local identities over the past 40 years. Harry believes that many Goobarragandra mine relics would have been washed away by the 2012 flood that reached 20 feet above the normal flow level.