Jerry Gregg is a reknowned bushman from Queanbeyan NSW. His extraordinary contributions to KHA have included a short stint on the Committee, but he far prefers to spend time outdoors, working on the huts. His skillswith traditional tools are exceptional.

Photo of Jim & Shirley HartJim and Shirley were for many years, the KHA Archivists and kept the 2000 plus KHA Hut photographs in pristine, organised condition. In late 2003, these were donated to the National Museum of Australia, where any person can request to see them.

Jim used to work for the SMA, and is now retired in Cooma. They are both regularly seen on work parties. This photograph was taken after an exhausting but successful day in Tumut, rescuing 5000 shingles for use on a replica hut.

Jim maintains the history database for KHA.

Profile last updated 16 May 2004.

Pauline Downing and Jack Bolton, circa 1994Article by Pauline Downing, pictured here with Jack, circa 1994.

Jack was born in a hotel in the main street of Cooma on Christmas Day, 1914. His parents Con and Grace Bolton, returned with him to their homestead at Diggers Creek on Snowy Plain, when he was only a few days old. He lived his younger life there, on Snowy Plain.

Jack Bolton was a dingo trapper, a stockman and a builder of huts. Mawsons and Cesjacks are amongst those he constructed.

I met Jack Bolton at one of Graham Scully's historic weekends at Daveys Hut in February 1991. I only knew him for 6 years. We corresponded, we yarned, we laughed together at his home in Berridale, when the "Snow Plain Mob" his nickname for us, the caretakers of Daveys Hut, called in after a workparty.

Photo of john marsh KHA president 1982 to 1984

Photo of John Marsh at Broken Dam Hut.

Photo: Lettie Lott



john paynter

John was a fanatical skier and hut hunter, plus a long time contributer to KHA.

In Memorium - Keith Line

Philip Woodman - President Perisher Historical Society - sent the following email:

I regret to advise that Keith Line, the sole Life Member of the Perisher Historical Society (PHS), died on the 7th July, 2011, aged 89.

KEN NANKERVIS - RECORD OF INTERVIEW (7/12/2009) Photo of Ken Nankervis

 NB. This version of the interview contains minor corrections by Ken Nankervis to clarify details or correct names.

Photo: Graham Scully

Photo of Ken NankervisVALE KEN NANKERVIS (1925-2012)

News of the death of Ken Nankervis has been received with sadness by all who knew him. With his passing at the age of 86 the country has lost one of the few remaining links to a unique era of Snowy Mountains history.

It was only a month prior to his death that Ken stood before a group of KHA and VHCHA members at Tom Groggin Station, entertaining them with recollections of his life on the snow leases and at Tom Groggin Station. IĆ¢

klaus heuneke 87
The Mountain Huts: A Lengthy Involvement

Klaus seems to have been linked to the Kosciusko Huts forever. He is the well known author of "Huts of the High Country", generally considered the definitive book on the topic. Klaus is a long time member of KHA and one time HMO. Here is his account of his life, in a nutshell!

Klaus was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in 2012:

For service to conservation and the environment as an historian, author and photographer, and to the preservation of Australia's built heritage, particularly in the Snowy Mountains region.

Photo of Leo ByattLeo Byatt was famous as a cattle grazier who regularly took his mob up the long spur the alpine meadows around Mt Kosciuszko.

Messrs Pierce, Hannell and Rogers paid to have the track up Hannells Spur cut in the first instance. Leo Byatt and Tex Webber worked for the Nankervis family for many years, about 70 years ago.. Jim Nankervis recalls that Byatts camp was at the top of Hannels spur track, near a little creek above "terrible thick tea tree scrub at the edge of the timber", "a fairly steep camp with a few stones for a fireplace". (Information from Jim Nankervis, Dec 2008)

Photo courtesy of Greta Jones, sister-in-law to Jim Nankervis.

Profile updated 6 June 2009.

Historian, John Trengrove, has written a 40 page summary of Lhotsky's life with the focus on his time in Australia. based on his considerable research of contemporary newspapers,documents and academic books.

He was a Polish scientist and was awarded a PhD in 1919, spoke 6 languages fluently, and was a Fellow of the Royal Botanical Society of Baveria.

Lhotsy was also a non conformist, suspected of communicating with secret associations such as Italian Carbonari and the Freemasons.and in 1822 earned the displeasure of Metternich and was detained by Viennese police and held without trial for 5 years.

The attachment is a fascinating portrait Major Clews,written by Noel Gough.

Major Clews was in charge of surveying the Snowy from 1950 to 1958.

Major Clews Hut is still standing, and in excellent condition.